Strong small business are a key to strong, stable neighborhoods. What if we directly infuse the businesses in those communities with cash flow and resources?

Launch Schedule

Phase One

BEST in PGH will conduct Impact Surveys of business owners in one target community (Homewood, Pittsburgh, PA) to validate interest and willingness for target owners to participate.

Phase Two

Networks of service providers and business resources will be documented and compiled into a project handbook.

Phase Three

Funding will be opened for BEST in PGH as it encumbers full-time employees and operations.

Phase Four

Review of project, interview of participants, and progress evaluation at 9 and 18 month marks, with outcome reports st 24 month cycles.


BEST in PGH aims to lift up underserved communities through direct investment in the stakeholders who control opportunities to hire, build, and reinvest. This is done while providing ongoing guidance, mentoring, and implementation of proven strategies and technological solutions to maximize investment outcomes for the business and the community.


What About BEST PGH?

BEST PGH wants to bridge cultural and economic divides that sow injustice and disenfranchise our neighbors. Our goals include: Increase revenue and/or productivity using partnering service providers, typically so small businesses can hire or provide their own improved or additional services, which thereby improves the quality of the business district of the target community; Focus …


In 2019, we are defining scope and conducting Impact Surveys in target neighborhoods. If you are interested in participating, please contact Chris at  chris@bestinpgh.com